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1- This membership contract is prepared by RHODOCHROSITE and its affiliates (hereinafter shall be referred to as RHODOCHROSITE) in order to determine the rules and terms related to the use of https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ website.
2- RHODOCHROSITE regularly shall send the campaign information and announcements to its members approving the contract, and allow them to make online shopping.
3- https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ website is personal, and it may not be transferred or sold.
4- The member gets a “password” that will be determined by her/him. The user may change his/her password whenever he/she wants. RHODOCHROSITE has taken all the measures for member security. The members are likewise responsible for the member security. RHODOCHROSITE shall not request password information from its customer in any manner. https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ shall by no means be responsible for the problems to arise from use of the password. The e-mail address provided during registry shall be special to the member, and it is possible to create only a single membership; you may not have two different memberships with the same e-mail address. The “password” shall only be known by the user. For the user to connect to the services requiring membership, he/she is required to enter the e-mail address and password entered during registry.
5- The member accepts that the https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ will get in contact with him/her by using the personal information and shopping information that he/she has provided the https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ with for the purpose of presenting the campaign applications.
6- The member accepts that he/she shall be responsible for the damages to be incurred due to deficient and incorrect information provided while becoming a member on https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/, and in case he/she provides incorrect information and in case of breach of this contract by the member, that RHODOCHROSITE may terminate his/her membership without the requirement of any warning and notice.
7- The member accepts and undertakes that he/she shall not copy, reproduce and publish and market the information, documents, software, design, graph, text, visual, video etc. artworks or any content owned by RHODOCHROSITE and present on https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/.
8- https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ may suspend or completely cease the operation of the system at any time. The RHODOCHROSITE shall not have any responsibility against the members of https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ or third parties due to temporary suspension or complete cessation of the system despite correct entry of user name and password. https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ may prevent the member from entering the system or getting a new password without specifying any reason. https://www.rhodochrositestudio.com/ owns the copyrights arising from the ownership of information, documents, software, design, graphics etc. artworks generated by it and/or outsourced.
9- The member agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she shall be solely responsible for damages caused against third parties and RHODOCHROSITE during the use of services provided by RHODOCHROSITE. In the case that RHODOCHROSITE also incurs damage due to damages caused by the member on the third parties, the right of recourse of RHODOCHROSITE from the member shall be reserved. In such case, the relevant membership may be terminated by RHODOCHROSITE without notice. The rights of RHODOCHROSITEarising from the contract and laws shall be reserved.